Best Matic is a biodegradable powder detergent. It is completely dissolves in your washer, leaving behind no residues, no stains, odors disappears, colors shine bright and white becomes vibrant.
Best Matic is suitable for all washers, all temperatures, all fabrics and all colors. It is based on innovative super concentrated formula, tough on dirt, but easy on your garments.


Sodium tripoly phosphates, antisettling agent, anionic surfactants, cationic surfactants, soap powder, metasilicates, special sulfates, enzymes, brightening agents, fragrances, tetra acetyl ethylene diamine and sodium percarbonate.


Best Matic is available in:
4.5 kg plastic bags.
25 kg multipaper bags.
If Best Matic is kept closed in its own original refills away from heat and direct sunlight, it would be stored for two years without any effect on its cleaning power and material degradation or contamination.

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