Smooth is specially formulated to be non irritating to sensitive skin,
leaves laundry soft, bright and smelling fresh and fragrant.
Smooth makes the fibers in the textile feel less harsh and has anti-soiling
and anti-staining properties. It helps to make clothing and linens fluffy
and reduce unsightly static cling and makes ironing easier.


Aqua, antimicrobial agent, dialkyl ammonium methosulfate, saponified
caster oil, oil emulsifier, cetostearyl alcohol, antisettling agents,
fragrances and dye.


Bright is available in:
12 bags / box – each bag contains 1 kg .
8 bags / box – each bag contains 2 kg .
1 bag 25 kg .


If Smooth is kept closed in its own original refills away from heat and
direct sunlight, it would be stored for two years without any effect on its
cleaning power and material degradation or contamination.

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