Power PH cuts through grease, wax and oil quickly and easily.
Power PH is effectively employed to degrease and clean engines, remove motor oil stains, breaker and power- steering fluids, anti- freeze fluid, hydraulic fluid, etc…
Power PH works great as a spot and stain remover. It also eliminates all kitchen and food grease, cooking oils and other oil –based stains.


Aqua, basic solution, cationic surfactants, anionic surfactants, polyphosphates, special glycols, dyes.


– Plastic bottles of different capacities.
– Plastic u.s. gallons.
– 25 liters plastic gallons.


If Power PH is kept closed in its own original refills away from heat and direct sunlight, it would be stored for more than two years without any effect on its cleaning power and material degradation or contamination.

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