Stucco is an acrylic based decorative product for indoor applications. It is also based on special materials, when applied with particular techniques reflects fascinating colors and gives the surface a silky feeling with multicolor effects.

Method of application

  • The substrate to be coated must be primed, leveled with putty, smoothed when dry, then finally primed again.
  • Apply one coat of Mictel Stucco using putty blades, smooth when dry then patch with small quantities in all direction to set the desired pattern them level.
  • After complete drying, pass a stainless steel trowel by pressing hard to polish.
  • Polishing wax may be finally coated.


Stucco is available in the following standard packs:

  • 1 US gallon.
  • 25 kg pail.


Should be stored in a cool place away from freezing and not subject to extremes of heat or placed in direct sunlight.