Primer Sealer


Primer Sealer is an indoor emulsion primer based on a borne alkali resistant copolymer synthetic resin. Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray-gun, does not saponify, and produces an excellent foundation for subsequent coats of “SHEEN”, “NEW” and “SHINE”.

It can be used on all types of dry and clean walls such as plaster, concrete, building boards, hard boards, brick and wall-paper with an outstanding penetration and dust binding properties.


To ensure a satisfactory result, it is essential that the surface to be painted is clean, dry and compact without loose material such as efflorescence, which must be removed prior to painting. If it is required to prime previously painted surfaces or substrates which offer poor foundation, this should be completely removed, or alternatively all loose matter removed by scraping then dusted off.

For priming thin up to 75% with clean, fresh water according to absorption.

For a second coat thin, if necessary, with up to 50% to achieve a normal working consistency.

The normal drying time is about 1 hour at 25degrees centigrade. A second coat can be applied within 2 hours under normal conditions.

Covering capacity

The covering capacity is about 8-12 square meters / liter depending on the substrate with a priming film of 25 to 35 microns.


Primer Sealer is available in the following pack :

– 1 US gallons.

– 20 liters pails.

Specific gravity

Approximately 1.08 1.12 .


Should be stored in a cool place away from freezing and not subject to extremes of heat or placed in direct sunlight.