Patine is an acrylic decorative finish applied to give semi- transparent decorative effects with iridescent or mother- of- pearl hues on interior surfaces such as plaster, panels of wood or any other substrates. The product finish is a painting technique used to create different illusions of textures using traditional utensils such as plastic paint knives, brushes, rollers, pumice stone, cotton rag sponges or other private painter’s utensils specially prepared to give certain fabulous textures.

Method of application

  • The surface to be coated must be primed, leveled with putty, smoothed when dry, then finally primed again.
  • Dilute the product with water as desired.
  • Apply one or more Coats to obtain the desired effect.
  • Covering capacity is between 8-12 square meter / liter when applied on smooth and primed surface; consumption will vary significantly depending on the texture of effect desired.

Drying time : Overnight


Patine is available in the following standard packs:

  • 1 US Gallon.
  • 1 liter Tin.


Should be stored in a cool place away from freezing and not subject to extremes of heat or placed in direct sunlight.