Mictel Semi Gloss


Mictel semi- gloss is a top quality synthetic paint, based on special alkyd resins for both interior and exterior use.

It can be applied on wood , concrete and metal surfaces, and gives better result when applied over Mictel undercoat.


Remove dirt, grease, oil and rust before painting by washing down, scrapping and /or abrading to ensure that the surface is perfectly clean and dry.

After applying Mictel undercoat on an appropriate primer, allow to dry thoroughly then abrade again before applying a full coat of Mictel semi-gloss. Allow 24 hours before recoating.

Method of application

Use bush, paint-roller, spray gun etc .

Stir well and thin with white spirit before use.

Covering capacity 

16-20 sq. m. /liter.

Drying time

Surface dry 1-1/2 hour.

Touch dry 3-4 hour.

Hard dry overnight.


– 1 US gallons.

– 20 kg pail.


Should be stored in a cool place and not subjected to extremes of heat or placed in direct sunlight.