Mictel Road Marking Paint


It is a thermoplastic paint specially designed to act as hydraulic binder with good flexibility. This traffic paint demonstrates excellent rub, water and alkaline resistance and is also appropriate for car parking. It has a good ultraviolet resistance.

Typical properties

Appearance : white paste or any color.

Total solid : Approximately 65 %.

Viscosity : 5000 10000 cps at 26 c (brook filed LVT

viscometer spindle No. 2.60 rpm)

PH Value8 9.5 .

Particle size : Approximately 0.27 microns.

Specific Gravity  Approximately 1.2 .

MFFT  : < 1 degrees centigrade.


– 1 US gallons.

– 20 liters pails.


Should be stored in a cool place and not subjected to extremes of heat or placed in direct sunlight.