Mictel Oil Varnish


Mictel oil varnish is a high quality synthetic alkyd – base varnish. Used on interior and exterior surfaces of wood and metal which are exposed to direct atmospheric conditions; Mainly used for painting all kinds of wooden doors and windows and wood work furniture.

It is also available in semi- gloss and matte forms.

Mictel oil varnish ensures high durability and hardness and weather resistance. It is a self leveling paint which is easy to spread, fast drying and yellowing resistant.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be clean, dry, free of oil, grease and other foreign matters . Crakes and knots of new wood surfaces should be treated and fitted with Mictel oil putty then must be sanded after 24 hours and dust cleaned.

Application Method

Before use thin down with mineral turpentine to the desired viscosity. Mictel oil varnish can be easily applied with a brush, roller or a spray gun.

Technical specification

Color : clear.

Viscosity : 68-75 p.

Solid content : 52% .

Toxicity : Non – toxic.


Available in the following standard packs.

– 1 US gallons.

– 15 kg pail.


Must be stored in a cool place and not subjected to extremes of heat or placed in direct sunlight.