Mictel Metal Primer


Mictel metal Primer is an anti-corrosive primer for use on iron and steel, which when applied correctly and followed by finishing coats, will give durability to the system when used externally.


Red oxide, White and Gray.


The surface must be cleaned thoroughly to remove rust and any loose mill scale by wire brushing and /or abrading with emery paper.

Dirt, grease, etc. may be removed by application of liberal amounts of white spirit and allowed to dry off before application.

Method of Application

Use brush or spray gun. Allow few hours before applying an oil paint coat.

Stir well before use.


Add white spirit as required.

Covering Capacity 

8-12 sq. m. per liter depending on the substrate.

Drying Time

Touch dry in 30 minutes.

Hard dry in 6-8 hours.


Available in the following standard packs.

– 1 US gallons.

– 24 kg pail.


Must be stored in a cool place and not subjected to extremes of heat or placed in direct sunlight.