Mictel Epoxy – S


Mictel Epoxy- S is a solvent base bi-component epoxy resin. It combines a reasonable ease of handling with high chemical and mechanical resistance after curing.

It is used as a metal primer and as a finished coat on all kinds of metal substrates. The film structure has a greater protection durability for metal bridges, metal pipe lines, steel beams, galvanized steel and chemical storage tanks from environmental hazards such as heat, light, wind, salt spray.

It finds its way on interior and exterior floor and wall surfaces of beverage, fish and meat processing plants, hospitals, pharmaceutical areas, operation theatre, foot and vehicular trafficable areas, car parks, oil and grease warehouses, generators rooms, water purification plants, very humid rooms etc.

Also used as an excellent anti-graffiti coating that could be easily cleaned with detergent to remove marker or spray paint writing and staining substances.

Surface Preparation of brand new substrates

Surfaces to be coated must be solid, clean and free from oils, greases, salt, dirt, efflorescence and other contaminants. Mictel Epoxy- S could be top coated after 48 hours.

 Pretreatment of old substrates

Best results on metal and concrete are obtained by sand blasting to remove laitance, grout and dust contaminants, then vacuum cleaned. If sand blasting is not required, pre-treatment with 5%-10% acid solution (acid etching) brushed out on the top of old substrates and after about 5 minutes when the solution ceases to effervesce, rinse the surface with clean water.

Pre-treatment by mechanical means could also be useful.

Highly alkaline or acidic surfaces should be neutralized then properly cleaned.

If oxidation occurs between blasting time and priming, the surface should be re-blasted and cleaned to the specified standard.

Pretreatment of previously painted surfaces

Non-disintegrated paints should be roughened properly to insure good primer adhesion .

Flaking, blistered, cracking or heavily chalking paint should be removed by sand blasting, flame spraying, paint removers or mechanical tools and rebounded by a priming coat.

Outstanding Properties

  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Good heat resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Outstanding versatility.
  • Easy to cure.


Epoxy equivalent weight : 184 ~ 194

Viscosity (Brook Fields at 25 C) : 11000 ~ 14000

Specific gravity (at 25 C) : 1.16 ~ 1.18

Color (Gardner) : 1 Max.

Flash point (closed cup) : > 150 degrees centigrade.


Available in the following standard packs.

  • 1 US gallons.
  • 20 liters pails.


Must be stored in a cool place and not subject to extremes of heat or placed in direct sunlight.