Mictel Coarse Putty


Mictel coarse putty is a ready made super quality putty, based on double boiled linseed oil and on special acrylic resins specially formulated to be applied as a first coat on wood, concrete and gypsum boards, for interior surfaces.

Mictel coarse putty covers all hairline cracks, pinholes and all surface imperfections.

Method of application

Substrates must be clean, dry, free from oil, salt, dirt and other contaminants. It can be applied with spatula and can be thinned with sealer.

Mictel coarse putty can be applied as many coats as required; Successive coats can not be applied unless previous coat is completely dry. The drying time depends on atmospheric conditions.

It is better to apply Mictel coarse putty after priming.

Covering Capacity

The covering area is a approximately 20 square meter per U.S. gallon depending on putty thickness, surface material, smoothness and primer.


Available in the following standard packs.

– 5 kg / gallon.

– 25 kg / pail.


Must be stored in cool place and not subjected to extremes of placed in direct sunlight.