Decorax is a waterborne heterogeneous multicolor coating. The multicolor nuggets employed are of polymeric nanoparticles of different colors and different sizes that give a wide variety of color spots on substrates including a veil effect on gold, silver and copper.

Decorax is environmentally friendly, VOC free, not aggressive and not toxic. It has an excellent adhesion to all surfaces and excellent capacity to be cleaned.

Film properties

Its film forming temperature is above 6 degrees centigrade, application temperature up to 8 degrees centigrade and it dries to touch at 20 degrees centigrade in 10 hours.

Application method

  • Apply two coats of recommended sealant paint and let it dry.
  • Mix contents by hand until it becomes homogeneous.
  • Apply by special brush.
  • Wait 15 minutes (depends on ambient temperature).
  • Comb smoothly with special spatula.

NoteIt is strongly recommended to avoid strong agitations, we recommend to homogenize the contents manually.


  • 1 liter tin
  • 1 US gallon.


Should be stored in a cool place away from freezing and not subject to extremes of heat or placed in direct sunlight.